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10 ton steam boiler price


   The 10 ton steam boilers include gas boilers, oil boilers, biomass boilers and coal-fired boilers. After statistics, we found that 1-20 tons of small capacity boilers are frequently consulted by customers. Among them, 10 ton steam boilers are widely used in food factories, tea factories, dairy products, paper mills, textile mills, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, building materials industries, etc. Customers often consult us about the price of a 10 ton steam boiler.cnkIndustrial Steam Boiler

  In general, the price of a 10 ton steam boiler is between 400,000 and 600,000 yuan. Why is the price difference between boilers of the same tonnage so large?cnkIndustrial Steam Boiler

10 ton steam boiler pricecnkIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Summary of several major factors affecting the price of a 10 ton steam boiler:

  1.10 tons of steam boiler type. There are many kinds of ZBG 10 ton steam boiler, the price of oil gas boilers is higher, followed by biomass boilers, and finally coal-fired boilers.cnkIndustrial Steam Boiler

  2. Model and parameters of the steam boiler. For example, there are two types of 10 ton oil gas gas boilers produced by ZBG. The price of szs series water tube boilers is higher than that of wns series oil and gas boilers. The boiler structure under different pressures is different and the price is different.cnkIndustrial Steam Boiler

  3. Auxiliary machine configuration of steam boiler. Different users have different requirements for boiler configuration, and the price of auxiliary machines accounts for about 30% of the total price of the boiler.cnkIndustrial Steam Boiler

  4. Steam boiler auxiliary machine manufacturers. The prices of auxiliary machines provided by different manufacturers vary greatly. For example, imported and domestically produced burners have a large price difference.cnkIndustrial Steam Boiler

  If you need to know the price of 10 ton steam boiler, please contact our company. Our sales managers are very professional and will tailor the steam boiler selection and quotation solutions to meet your needs.cnkIndustrial Steam Boiler


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