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10 ton 10 bar diesel oil steam boiler


   ZBG 10 ton 10 bar diesel oil steam boiler parameters

  1. model WNS10 SZS10lMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  2. evaporating capacity 10 t/hlMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  3. steam pressure 1.0 MPa 10 barlMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  4. steam temperature 204 ℃lMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  5. feed-water temperature 104 ℃lMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  6. design efficiency 96.8%lMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  7. design fuel diesel oillMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  8. fuel consumption 567 kg/hlMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  10 ton 10 bar diesel oil steam boiler introduction

  The 10 ton diesel oil steam boiler produced by ZBG includes two types: WNS series fire tube boiler and SZS series oil and gas water tube boiler. In diesel oil steam boiler, the boiler equipped with oil burner or oil and gas dual-fuel burner. The primary function of burner is to atomize fuel to millions of small droplets so that the surface area of the fuel is increased enabling intimate contact with oxygen in air. The atomization is carried out by primary air and completion of combustion is ensured by secondary air.lMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

10 ton 10 bar diesel oil steam boilerlMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  WNS series oil (gas)-fired steam boiler adopts corrugated furnace and full-wet-back three-return strokes. The corrugated furnace can increase the furnace heating-surface, improve heat-exchange efficiency. The boiler is equipped with a burner with good performance, adopts automatic regulation of combustion, automatic adjustment of water supply, start and stop of the program, automatic operation and other advanced technologies, and the boiler has high and low water level alarm and extremely low water level, ultra high steam pressure, flameout. And other automatic protection features. SZS series oil gas water tube boiler consists of mainly two drums, one is upper drum called steam drum other is lower drum called mud drum. These upper drum and lower drum are connected with two tubes namely down-comer and riser tubes as shown. Water in the lower drum and in the riser connected to it, is heated and steam is produced in them which comes to the upper drums naturally. In the upper drum the steam is separated from water naturally and stored above the water surface.lMcIndustrial Steam Boiler

  10 ton 10bar diesel oil steam boiler could used in school, hospital, food factories, sugar mill, paper mill, etc. If the customer needs to purchase such a boiler, please contact us. We provide you with detailed boiler information and quotations for you.lMcIndustrial Steam Boiler


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