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10 tph natural gas steam boiler for Bangladesh textile mill

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10 tph natural gas steam boiler for Bangladesh textile mill
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Textile Mill
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ZBG exported a 15 ton biomass boiler to the Philippines for a paper mill.

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  Project Introduction

  The steam systems are important for almost all textile enterprises. The steam is required in particular for dyeing of wool and weavings or in soldering processes. A Bangladesh textile mill is specialized in manufacturing of jacquard face-to-face machine made carpets. The technological cycle of carpet production represent a finished process which refers to the production of wool and pure wool threads, their dyeing, the carpet weaving, finishing, marking and stocking of the finished products. Steam is generated by a 10 Ton/hr WNS series fire tube boiler that produced by ZBG, natural gas-fired, automatically burners are used in the boiler. Steam is generated 16 bar pressure and supplied to users.8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

10 tph natural gas steam boiler for Bangladesh textile mill8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  10 tph natural gas steam boiler features

10 tph natural gas steam boiler8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Model: WNS 10-1.6-YQ8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated evaporation capacity: 10 t/h (tph), 7000KW, 6000000kcal8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Structure: fire tube, three-pass return wet-back8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  output: steam8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Working pressure: 1.6 MPa, 16 bar, 16 kg/m2, 232 psi8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Fuel: natural gas8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Application: textile industry, pharmaceutical mill, wood processing, pulp and paper industry, food & beverage, district heating, plastics and rubber industry, chemicals and petrochemical, woodworking, production of building material.8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

 8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

  This is horizontal fire-tube boiler where the heating surface is composed of multiple small fire-tubes. The large volume flame tube and the smoke tube bundle are perfectly matched to each other. The boiler is characterized by a very compact construction. Many energy-saving measures ensures a high degree of efficiency of wns series boiler system, it saves our environment and reduces your running costs on a sustainable basis. WNS series oil and gas fire tube steam boilers produce saturated steam for different areas, with design pressure range from 10 bar up to 16 bar. Range of steam production is between 2 and 25000 Kg/h. An efficient design, high-quality construction and an innovative control system guarantee high level performance and low energy costs. Thermal efficiency reaches 98% thanks to the optimization of heat exchange and by using our economizer and condenser, an equipment which can be fully integrated into the boiler.8ksIndustrial Steam Boiler

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