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12 ton diesel boiler for Sri Lankan paper mill

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12 ton diesel boiler for Sri Lankan paper mill
Project Area:
paper mill
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Sri Lanka
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Our company provides a 12-ton wns series diesel steam boiler for a Sri Lankan paper mill

Steam Boiler Projects

  A paper mill in Sri Lanka knows that the stable heat source output of steam boilers is crucial to the quality of paper products. After market research and multi-party comparison, ZBG's products stand out with the advantages of stable operation and high efficiency and energy saving. Our company provides a 12-ton wns series diesel steam boiler for each other. The paper mill has the vision to be the market leader in Sri Lanka with respect to certain products of Paper & Board such as newsprint, photocopy paper. Their Mission is to be the most innovative and diversified Paper Company manufacturing and trading in all kinds of paper and board products in the most profitable, environment friendly and customer oriented manner with technological, human resources and management excellence.1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

12 ton diesel boiler for Sri Lankan paper mill1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The 12 ton diesel boiler for Sri Lankan paper mill mainly parameters

  Model: WNS12-1.25-Y1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam capacity: 12 tph1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam pressure: 1.25 MPa1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Fuel design: diesel oil1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Design thermal efficiency: 96.3%1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Diesel oil fuel consumption: 793.2 kg/h1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Heat surface: 54.5 ㎡1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Water volume - normal level: 22.8 m³1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

12 ton diesel boiler1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

  12 ton WNS series diesel oil steam boiler information

  The combustion chamber and the heating surface of the series of boilers are designed with low combustion chambers, and the heated surfaces are symmetrically arranged, that is, the furnace is placed at the lowest position, which is beneficial to bury the combustion chamber with the highest temperature in the water, and the safety range of the boiler water level is increased. WNS series oil and gas boilers use horizontal wet back structure with threaded smoke tube. Adopting wetback downstream design can prevent smoke box’s temperature to be too high. The smoke tube adopts high efficient heat transfer component—threaded smoke tube. It raises the heat transfer coefficient of the smoke tube. The heated surface is laid out symmetrically, the structure is reliable, and water circulation system is reasonable. Unique combustion chamber design and scour way of smoke to heated area make the less heat loss.1TwIndustrial Steam Boiler

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