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14 mw hot water boiler for sale


   Hot water boilers and steam boilers are calculated differently. The boiler capacity is usually expressed in terms of MW, that is, power. The hot water boiler 0.7MW is equal to 1 ton. That is, the 14MW hot water boiler is a 20-ton hot water boiler. The 14mw hot water boiler has a maximum continuous heat production of 14mw per hour under the conditions of rated pressure, temperature (outlet water temperature and inlet water temperature) and guaranteed to achieve the specified thermal efficiency index.DfsIndustrial Steam Boiler

14 mw hot water boiler for saleDfsIndustrial Steam Boiler

  14 mw hot water boiler application

  The 14 MW hot water boiler is a common type used in heating boilers. Generally speaking, the heating area of the 14 MW hot water boiler of ZBG is about 200,000 square meters, which is equivalent to a 20-ton hot water boiler. If your office building, accommodation building, and greenhouse construction area is around 200,000 square meters, you may need such a 14 MW hot water boiler as a heating device.DfsIndustrial Steam Boiler

  14 mw hot water boiler for sale types

  Our 14 mw oil and gas hot water boiler systems can reduce operating costs by up to 25 % when compared with conventional boilers. In addition to minimizing fuel consumption, our boiler systems also reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and electric power as well as the work involved in operation and supervision. Low heat transfer rates and low NOx emissions flow and return connections are arranged to achieve optimal internal circulation and even heat distribution. Our coal/biomass hot water boilers with an operating pressure of up to 25 bar. The hot water boilers are extremely efficient and reliable, but hydronic system and control system design must be adapted to the boilers needs. High typical operating efficiency of up to 86% The shell, tube plates and smoke box are heavily insulated for minimal thermal loss. Large shell and furnace sizes guarantee generous heating surfaces and ensure output is easily achieved. Removable heat shields Unique design features allow quick and easy access for.DfsIndustrial Steam Boiler


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