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150t/h Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Technical Parameters and Operating Conditions


1. Parameters of 150t/h medium temperature and medium pressure circulating fluidized bed boilerU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Rated evaporation capacity: 150t/hU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Maximum continuous evaporation capacity (BMCR): 170t/hU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Rated steam pressure: 3.82MPaU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Rated steam temperature: 450°CU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Feed water temperature: 150℃U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Exhaust smoke temperature: 135℃U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Boiler efficiency: >90%U57Industrial Steam Boiler

The desulfurization efficiency in the furnace is 90% (calcium sulfur ratio 2.0)U57Industrial Steam Boiler

NOx original emission <80 mg/Nm3 (when desulfurization in the furnace is not put into operation)U57Industrial Steam Boiler

150tph-Circulating-Fluidized-Bed-BoilerU57Industrial Steam Boiler

150tph-Circulating-Fluidized-Bed-BoilerU57Industrial Steam Boiler

2. Design conditions of 150t/h medium temperature and medium pressure circulating fluidized bed boilerU57Industrial Steam Boiler

1. Design fuelU57Industrial Steam Boiler

The composition of boiler fuel coal is as followsU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Coal quality analysis is shown in the table below:U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Name symbol unit value
carbon Car % 52
hydrogen Hair % 4
oxygen Oar % 4.3
nitrogen Nar % 2
sulfur Sar % 0.7
Ash Year % 28.9
water War % 8
Combustible base volatile Vdaf % 20
low calorific value Qdw kJ/kg 21000

The required particle size range of fuel entering the furnace is: 0~8mm.U57Industrial Steam Boiler

2. Meteorological and geological conditionsU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Installation site: Dongying Kenli Huineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Site altitude: mU57Industrial Steam Boiler

According to the "Code for Seismic Design of Buildings", the seismic fortification intensity of the area where the site is located is 7 degrees.U57Industrial Steam Boiler

3. Boiler feed water (single boiler)U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Boiler normal continuous blowdown rate (B-MCR) 2%U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Supplementary water: normal (according to 3% of B-MCR) 5.1t/hU57Industrial Steam Boiler

At start or accident (according to 10% of B-MCR) 17t/hU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Make-up water preparation method: meet the power plant boiler feed water standardU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Boiler feed water quality standard conforms to GB12145 "Water vapor quality of thermal power generation units and steam power equipment"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

4. Boiler operating conditionsU57Industrial Steam Boiler

Boiler operation mode: the maximum continuous load is 170t/h and has the ability of variable load peak regulation.U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Coal feeding system: Mechanical coal feeder is added with coal air.U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Water supply adjustment: The unit is equipped with an electric fixed-speed water supply pump. The water supply pipeline is equipped with a water supply operation table, and the main circuit is equipped with a regulating valve to regulate the boiler feed water during normal operation. At the same time, a low-load bypass with a regulating valve is provided.U57Industrial Steam Boiler

Slag discharge method: Continuous slag discharge with drum type slag cooler.U57Industrial Steam Boiler

In the first year after the boiler was put into operation for half a year, the continuous running hours were more than 6000 hours, and the running hours were more than 8000 hours in the second year.U57Industrial Steam Boiler

5. Design and manufacture standardsU57Industrial Steam Boiler

The boiler body is designed in accordance with current national standards and specifications, and all design and manufacturing are in compliance with the following national standards and specifications (implemented according to the latest version):U57Industrial Steam Boiler

"Boiler Safety Technology Supervision Regulations"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

"Water Tube Boiler Part 4 Strength Calculation of Pressure Components"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

"Guidelines for Design of Boiler Steel Structures"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

"Technical Specifications for Electric Power Construction Construction Part 2 Boiler Units"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

"Power Station Boiler Performance Test Regulations"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

"Water Vapor Quality Standards for Thermal Power Generation Units and Steam Power Equipment"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

"Boiler Raw Materials Incoming Inspection"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

"Nondestructive Testing of Pressure Vessels"U57Industrial Steam Boiler

If there is a new version of the above standards, the new version of the standards will apply.U57Industrial Steam Boiler


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