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2-30 ton biomass fired water tube boiler


   Our 2-30 ton biomass fired water tube boiler is SZL series biomass chain grate boiler that adopts water tube structure. A chain boiler is a layered furnace with a high degree of mechanization. Named for its grate-like track, it is a widely used furnace in industrial boilers. The boiler body consists of a longitudinal upper and lower drum and a convection tube bundle. Water-cooled walls are installed on the left and right sides of the combustion chamber. The upper drum is provided with a steam-water separating device and a surface sewage device, and the lower drum is provided with a periodic sewage device. An economizer is placed at the end of the boiler. The combustion part of the boiler adopts light chain grate to realize mechanical coal feeding, equipped with blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with screw slag machine to realize automatic slag discharge.zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

2-30 ton biomass fired water tube boilerzhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  SZL series biomass chain grate boiler parameters

  Rated steam capacity: 2-30 ton/hrzhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam pressure: 1.0/1.25/1.6/2.5 MPazhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam temperature: 184/194/204/226 ℃zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Feedwater temperature: 20-105 ℃zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Structure: water tubezhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Design thermal efficiency: ≥86.5%zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Security and stability operating range of the boiler: Heat load 50%-110%zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Design fuel: biomass pellets, bagasse, rice husk, straw, palm shellzhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  SZL series biomass chain grate boiler features

  1. In the chain boiler, the biomass fuel is moved backward from the front of the grate, and the air from the bottom up to the furnace, and as the furnace is constantly moving backwards.zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  2.The fuel is supplied in the furnace from the hopper and moved forward sequentially within the furnace. The primary combustion air is supplied from underneath the fire bed, by which the air makes efficient contact with the fuel, when blowing through the bed, to dry, ignite and burn it. The secondary combustion air is supplied above the bed, in order to burn combustible gases that have been released from the bed.zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  3. Burning progresses as the belt moves from front to back of furnace.zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  4. Combustion is essentially complete at the back end of belt, and ash is dumped off into an ash pit there.zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler

  5. There is a cyclone chamber in the furnace to reduce the dust content of the flue gas, and the hot carbon black particles are further burned, which improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.zhiIndustrial Steam Boiler


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