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2 tons coal and biomass fired boiler in Namibia


   Namibia's manufacturing is underdeveloped and 80% of the market is controlled by South Africa. More than 90% of the manufacturing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. The main industries are food, beverage, textile and garment, leather processing, wood processing, building materials, and chemical industry. The boilers they need are mostly small-capacity boilers, and the 2 tons coal and biomass fired boiler is widely used in Namibia.BaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  ZBG 2 tons coal and biomass fired boiler

  Model: DZL series biomass/coal boilerBaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam capacity: 2 ton/hrBaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam pressure: 1.25/1.6 MPaBaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam temperature: 184/204℃BaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Feedwater temperature: 20℃BaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Structure: chain grateBaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Design thermal efficiency: ≥85.3%BaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Security and stability operating range of the boiler: Heat load 50%-110%BaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Design fuel: coal, rice husk, wood chip, wood pellet, biomass pelletsBaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

2 tons coal and biomass fired boiler in NamibiaBaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  DZL series 2 tons coal and biomass fired boilers are horizontal, chain grate, water-fire tube structure, and coal/biomass boilers, which provide different pressures from 0.7 to 1.6Mpa according to different parameters of users. The boiler has advanced furnace type, high technology content and compact overall structure. The use of a threaded pipe improves the heat transfer efficiency, which reduces the steel consumption and reduces the boiler volume. The effect of the smoke elimination and dust removal of the boiler is good, and the coal type has strong adaptability. The boiler can burn various biomass and coal fuels. Economizers or a Steam Air Heater to improve both efficiency and combustion. The boiler is package boiler, and boiler shipping costs are lower. On-site installation is reduced to a minimum, with only positioning of the boiler and connection of external auxiliary systems and piping required. Commissioning and start-up times are greatly reduced.BaRIndustrial Steam Boiler

  In Namibia, coal-fired biomass steam boilers are often used in food, paper, and chemical industries due to cost constraints. The 2 ton biomass/coal boiler is a small capacity boiler that is extremely convenient for packaging and transportation, and is low in price, so it is often sold to Namibia.BaRIndustrial Steam Boiler


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