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2 tons of fuel oil steam boiler in building formwork factory


Building formwork is mainly used to fix concrete on construction sites, and is generally made of wooden veneers pressed with glue. The purpose of formwork engineering is mainly to ensure the quality and construction safety of concrete projects, speed up construction progress and reduce project costs. The production process of the building formwork factory requires a large amount of steam steaming, and steam boilers will inevitably be used. Today I will introduce the 2-ton fuel-fired steam boiler of the building formwork factory.2p3Industrial Steam Boiler

2 tons of fuel oil steam boiler2p3Industrial Steam Boiler

2 tons of fuel oil steam boiler2p3Industrial Steam Boiler

1, 2 tons of oil-fired steam boiler2p3Industrial Steam Boiler

The 2-ton oil-fired steam boiler produced by ZBG Group is a boiler product developed in cooperation with German technology. It is also an implementation sub-project of the World Bank's GEF high-efficiency and environmentally friendly boiler project that won the bid. This series of boilers is a quick-installation boiler, which mainly consists of the boiler body, connecting flue, burner, steam and water system, instruments, energy saver, condenser, etc. It has clean combustion, pollution-free emissions, convenient operation and sufficient output.2p3Industrial Steam Boiler

2. Fuel consumption per hour2p3Industrial Steam Boiler

The thermal efficiency of the 2-ton fuel-fired steam boiler produced by ZBG Group is as high as 95%. In addition, the calorific value of oil fuel is generally relatively high. Therefore, the fuel consumption of ZBG Group's 2-ton fuel-fired steam boiler is about 127 kilograms per hour, with an average of 1 ton of fuel-fired steam. The fuel consumption of the boiler is 65 kg.2p3Industrial Steam Boiler


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