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3 ton diesel oil steam boiler for tea factory

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3 ton diesel steam boiler
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tea factory
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We provide a 3 ton diesel steam boiler for steam supply in a tea factory in Uganda.

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  The biggest role of steam boilers in tea factories is to act as a heat source. Over 90% of tea factory energy requirements are for heat used in withering and drying. A tea factory in Uganda needs a steam boiler for production, and the company finally entered into a partnership with our company. We provide a 3 ton diesel steam boiler for steam supply.IbOIndustrial Steam Boiler

3 ton diesel oil steam boiler for tea factoryIbOIndustrial Steam Boiler

  This Uganda tea factory is a family owned and operated tea factory in Western Uganda located in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. They produce CTC black tea and accounts for just 1.5% of Uganda’s tea production. The company mainly produce primary grades (D1, PD, PF1 and BP1), along with a small quantity of secondary grades.IbOIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Due to the expansion of production scale, they need to add a steam boiler to meet production needs. We have supplied a 3 ton wns series diesel steam boiler. The boiler uses diesel as fuel, adopts high-efficiency burner, three-pass structure, large heat transfer area, intervening spoiler in the pipe, high thermal efficiency, and built-in steam separator to ensure steam quality.IbOIndustrial Steam Boiler

3 ton diesel oil steam boilerIbOIndustrial Steam Boiler

 IbOIndustrial Steam Boiler

  WNS series oil and gas steam boilers are compact and powerful heating units. They could burn diesel fuel and other fuels such as natural gas, biogas, lpg, heavy oil to heat up water. This diesel steam boiler has a high-tech automatic control system, equipped with a number of safety protection devices, water shortage protection, over pressure protection, flameout protection, pressure abnormal protection, flue over temperature protection. The boiler structure adopts high technology, which has the advantages of small body protection, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and automatic adjustment. The boiler adopts the method of pressurizing the fuel to atomization and micro-positive pressure combustion, and the fuel is burned more fully, reducing fuel loss and gas emission.IbOIndustrial Steam Boiler

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