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5 ton natural gas three pass steam boiler for sale


   We sell 5 ton natural gas steam boiler, which is our WNS series three-pass fire tube boiler. Natural gas steam boiler is an environmentally friendly boiler, which is easy to operate and widely used, and is mostly used in industry.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

5 ton natural gas three pass steam boiler for sale0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  5 ton natural gas three pass steam boiler parameters

  Model specifications: WNS series oil and gas steam boiler0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Structure: three pass fire tube0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated evaporation (t/h): 50DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam pressure (MPa): 0.7/1.0/1.25/1.60DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Rated steam temperature (°C): 174/184/194/2040DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Feed water temperature (°C): 200DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Design fuel: natural gas0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  5 ton natural gas three pass steam boiler features

  1. Combustion gases pass through the inside of the tubes with water surrounding the outside of the tubes. The advantages of the boiler are its simple construction and less rigid water treatment requirements.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  2. Large, fully waterbacked furnace tube assures complete combustion and heat absorption without flame impingement.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  3. The 5 ton natural gas steam boilers can give fuel-to-steam efficiencies of 96% or over.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  4. The three pass fire tube boilers are available in steam capacity up to 20 ton/hr, they are generally specified when the required steam pressure is under 15 bar.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  5. All plate used in the construction of the boiler is cut and profiled by computer controlled equipment. The shell, furnace and reversal chamber plates are then rolled, assembled, machine welded and subjected to NDT (either radiographic or ultrasonic) to ensure compliance with the latest construction standard requirements.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  6. The heating surface of the boiler is arranged reasonably, ensuring good water circulation and heat exchange, good heat conduction effect, and improving boiler heat energy utilization efficiency.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  7. The high-tech boiler can effectively prevent the back wall from being damaged by high-temperature flue gas, and it is safe and reliable to use. High safety and long service life.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler

  8. Three pass structure, the flame and flue gases formed on the result of good combustion are circulated on the adequate heating surfaces. flue gases are thrown into the bubble without creating low temperature corrosion. Thus, high boiler efficiency is achieved.0DIIndustrial Steam Boiler


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