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2 sets 5 ton wns series diesel oil steam boiler for Bangladesh textile factory

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2 sets 5 ton wns series diesel oil steam boiler for Bangladesh textile factory
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textile factory
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ZBG provides 2 sets 5 ton wns series diesel oil steam boiler for Bangladesh textile factory

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  In order to meet production needs, a textile factory in Bangladesh purchased two sets 5 ton wns series diesel fire tube steam boilers for the supply of high temperature and high pressure steam. The use of the two boilers not only meets the production needs of the enterprise, but when one boiler is shut down for maintenance, the other boiler can still meet the minimum continuous production demand of the textile mill. In this way, the plant will not cause greater losses due to boiler deactivation.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

2 sets 5 ton wns series diesel oil steam boiler for BangladeOf4Industrial Steam Boiler

  The wns series packaged firetube boilers are three-pass boiler, and is wetback in design(the water leg surrounds the rear chamber). The boiler unit is engineered, built, tested, shop assembled, mounted on a steel base with controls and auxiliaries included in one “package”, and shipped to the customer ready for installation.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

  The combustion takes place in the firebox or furnace tube. The combustion gases then travel through the firebox to a rear reversing chamber where they reverse and return to the front through a set of short fire tubes. They then pass to the outlet at the rear through an upper set of longer tubes. The fuel burned in this type of boiler is either oil or gas, and a forced draft fan is mounted on the boiler front.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

5 ton wns series diesel oil steam boilerOf4Industrial Steam Boiler

  The features of wns series oil and gas steam boiler

  Boiler capacity: 1-20 ton/hrOf4Industrial Steam Boiler

  Fuel type: light oil, diesel oil, heavy oil, natural gas, biogas, lpg, coal gas, etc.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

  Application: textile factory, palm oil mill, food industry, paper and pulp plant, building material factory, pharmaceutical factory, etc.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

  The corrugated furnace tube has greater flexibility under thermal loads than the plain furnace tube of the same wall thickness.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

  The integral air cooled front head promoting comfort and safety high pressure steam boiler includes the low water cutoff and level control.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

  The boiler has longest life, reducing replacement/renewal costs. And the boiler offers the greatest opportunity to upgrade, keeping the asset up to date, further increasing its life span.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

  WNS series oil gas fired steam boiler consumes the least amount of floor space, saving on initial cost during new construction.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

  The combustion chamber is made up of total ripple furnace to absorb the thermal expansion effectively. Optimized boiler system increase the high temperature heating surface water side disturbance, avoid high temperature pipe plate and pipe end crack.Of4Industrial Steam Boiler

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