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7 mw biogas hot water boiler for poultry farm

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7 MW biogas hot water boiler
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heating system
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ZBG provide a 7 MW biogas hot water boiler for Pakistan poultry farm heating system.

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  Poultry provides an immense supply of food for the world’s population. In the poultry farm, it is important that the livestock house is heated for a period of time before the poultry are stocked. A large poultry farm in Pakistan requires a boiler for heating. They use a hot water heating system. After discussion between the two parties, they finally chose to cooperate with ZBG, we provide a 7MW biogas hot water boiler for heating system.PJjIndustrial Steam Boiler

7 mw biogas hot water boiler for poultry farmPJjIndustrial Steam Boiler

  This boiler is mainly burn biogas. Biogas is produced by the biological degradation of biomass – primarily agricultural substrate such as liquid or stable manure or energy crops (maize, rye, sugar beet, etc.).PJjIndustrial Steam Boiler

7 mw wns series biogas hot water boilerPJjIndustrial Steam Boiler

 PJjIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The 7MW biogas hot water boiler is our wns series oil/gas boiler. WNS series boiler is a horizontal internal combustion three-return package boiler with a wet-back and corrugated furnace structure, and the threaded pipe heat transfer. The boiler is composed of boiler main engine, steam water system, imported famous brand burner, control cabinet and other components.PJjIndustrial Steam Boiler

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