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8 ton gas steam boiler exported to Vietnam

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8 ton wns series gas fired steam boiler
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food factory
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In August last year, ZBG exported an 8 ton wns series gas fired steam boiler to Vietnam

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  In August last year, ZBG exported an 8 ton wns series gas fired steam boiler to Vietnam. With the demand of Vietnamese industry and the increasingly strict national environmental protection policy in recent years, the 4 ton, 6 ton, 8 ton, and 10 ton gas-fired steam boilers have entered the sight of people and gradually entered the production workshops of various industries.WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

8 ton gas steam boiler exported to VietnamWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The parameters of 8 ton gas steam boiler exported to Vietnam

  1. evaporating capacity: 8 t/hWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  2. steam pressure: 1.25 MPaWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  3. steam temperature: 194 ℃WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  4. feed-water temperature: 104 ℃WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  5. design efficiency: 96.8%WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  6. design fuel: natural gasWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  7. fuel consumption: 560 Nm³/hWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  8. heating area: boiler body 200.3 ㎡ economizer 50.66 ㎡WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  9. fume exhaust temperature: 75.5℃WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  10. ventilation system: balance ventilationWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  12. metal consumption: 15.8 tonWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  13. Boiler water volume: 17.88 m³WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  8 ton gas steam boiler features

  The wns series oil and gas boilers are of fully automatic design. We provides essential mountings include safety valve, steam pressure switch, pressure gauge, gauge glass, valve fittings, low-water level cut-off and alarm devices etc.WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  1. Fire tube boilers for burning oil, gas and dual fuelWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  2. Wet back with three pass structureWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  3. The safe operation of steam boiler depends on the correct functioning of the safety valve.WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  4. Water surrounds the tubes through which hot combustion gases pass before venting to atmosphere through gas uptakes.WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  5. water converted into high pressure steam by transfer of heat from very high temperature combustion gases on water.WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  6. The boiler is assembled with two full open safety valvesWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  7. Low level of emissions due to optimization of the integration of burner with furnaceWYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  8. High efficiency (≥96%)WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

 WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The 8-ton gas-fired steam boiler was shipped to Vietnam for a period of time. We received feedback from customers who said that the boiler is in good operating condition, low fuel consumption and low boiler operating costs. They are very happy to recommend the ZBG boiler to their friends.WYMIndustrial Steam Boiler

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