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DZL Packaged Biomass Steam  Boiler

DZL Packaged Biomass Steam Boiler

  • Type:Steam Boiler
  • Capacity:2 - 10t/h
  • Pressure:≤1.6MPa (16bar)
  • Fuel:Biomass Fuel, Rice Husk, Bagasse
  • Application:Food Industry, Hospital, etc.


Brief Introduction:HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler
HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler

DZL packaged boiler can burn both coal and biomass fuel with a high efficiency. Compact structure and easy installation ensure efficient, clean, economic, safe and stable boiler operation, so it is widely used as an energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment in industry.HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler

 HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler

Biomass Fired Fuels Include:HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler
HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler

Shaped biomass fuel, sugarcane bagasse, rice husk and rice straw, coconut shell, palm kernel shell(pks), peanut shell, agricultural waste, wood pellet/chips, sawdust, coal,biomass, co-firing, HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler

 HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler

Application:HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler
HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler

Thermal power plant, heating company, food & beverage, cement plant, paper mill, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals industry, textile industry, coal industry, steel & iron industry, mining industry.HtoIndustrial Steam Boiler


1.New furnace structure, bulge defects caused by the bottom of the drum being heated directly is avoided.

2.Patented design double wings gas ducts structure, flue tube plate crack is avoided.

3.Single pass threaded pipe, the heat transfer effect is strengthened.

4.Special design, both different types of coal and biomass fuel is available.

5.Inverted "α" arch furnace technology, combustion efficiency is improved.

6.Grate side sealing structure avoids the shortcomings of uneven ventilation and burning out side sealing.

7.Separate adjustable wind chamber under the fire grate is equipped and wind is fed from two sides. It adopts new type crack screw wind adjustment structure so that the wind adjustment and ventilation cross section proportion is 100%. Thus, it is easy to adjust and the wind is distributed symmetrically.



DZL series biomass steam boiler

Model Capacity Pressure



Fuel Factory mode
t/h BHP
DZL4-1.25-T 4 306 12.5 194 Biomass pellet Packaged
DZL4-1.6-T 4 306 16 204 Packaged
DZL6-1.25-T 6 460 12.5 194 Packaged
DZL6-1.6-T 6 460 16 204 Packaged


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