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Gas fired steam boiler for food factory in Indonesia

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Gas fired steam boiler in food factory
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Seafood factory
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In this project, Indonesia customers are a large-scale enterprise specializing in the processing of seafood products. This boiler procurement is mainly used in the field of food production and supply.

Steam Boiler Projects

In this project, Indonesian customers are a large-scale enterprise specializing in the processing of seafood products. This boiler procurement is mainly used in the field of food production and supply.5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

gas fired steam boiler in food factory5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

SZS watertube boiler in Indonesia5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

Indonesia SZS gas boiler project

After a long period of operation, the original boiler was outdated and could not meet the production needs. After many visits and comprehensive understanding of the enterprise customers, the company signed a contract with ZBG Boiler to purchase the SZS gas boiler as production. Thermal equipment.5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

In order to meet the production progress of Indonesian customers, ZBG Boiler immediately put into production after receiving the order. The boiler workshop staff worked overtime to shorten the construction period. After 30 days of hard work, the production of SZS gas boiler was completed ahead of schedule.5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

This type of boiler is exported to a foreign country, which provides sufficient power support for the processing and production of seafood products of Indonesian customers, and has won the trust of customers.5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

Food industry boiler application

It is important to buy a good quality boiler, which has the largest proportion of steam boilers in food plant boiler applications.5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler
Food factory steam boilers mainly transport steam through pipelines, requiring constant steam temperature, constant pressure, and even the quality of steam determines the quality of the food. The food factory steam boiler is mainly used in the process of distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying and maturation in the food processing process, and the high temperature steam is used for high temperature cooking, drying and disinfection of the food.5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

szs gas fired boiler5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

SZS gas boiler5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

Other types boiler in food production

However, not only food production and steam supply, but also some food factories will use hot water boilers for central heating of their plants, office buildings, dormitory buildings, etc. Of course, some processes in food factories require special processing of food by hot water boilers.5sPIndustrial Steam Boiler

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