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Industrial steam boiler PLC control cabinet configuration list


 Industrial steam boiler PLC control cabinet configuration listPccIndustrial Steam Boiler

serial number category Device name Specifications quantity unit brand
1 control PccIndustrial Steam Boiler
7' Human-machine interface TPC7062TX 1 tower  
2 control module CPU S7-1200CPU 1 piece Siemens with Ethernet communication
3 Analog input module AI04 4AI 1 piece Siemens
4 Analog input and output modules AM06 4AI/2AO 1 piece Siemens
5 communication module SB CM01 1 piece Siemens
6 power module 24V/2.1A 1 piece Taiwan MEAN WELL
7 Communication Cable RS-232/485 1 strip  
8 Liquid level controller C61F-GP 6 Only Taiwan CKC
9 controlling software DL-BC V1.0 1 set  
10 power supply center breaker NXM-125S 3P 100A 1 indivual Encyclopedia, Schneider
11 fan fan circuit breaker Publisher-63 3P D63A 1 Only Encyclopedia, Schneider
12 Fan strong power 22KW Star-Delta 1 set Schneider
13 water pump Feed water pump circuit breaker Publisher-63 3P D40A 1 Only Encyclopedia, Schneider
14 Water pump frequency conversion HLP-SP100 18.5KW 1 tower Siemens, Renault
15 Feed water pump switching LC1-E25 2 Only Schneider
16 public PccIndustrial Steam Boiler
control circuit breaker Publishing House-63 1P C10A 1 Only Encyclopedia, Schneider
17 Intermediate relay MY2N-GS 1 set Omron
18 indicator light, switch LA167-B2-* 1 set Konaida
19 Audible alarm AD127-22SM/R 1 Only Konaida
20 36V lighting transformer BK-100 220/36 1 Only  
twenty one Cabinet accessories Terminals, wires, rails 1 set  
twenty two Control cabinet (GDH) 2200*800*600 1 tower  
twenty three once PccIndustrial Steam Boiler
exhaust temperature PT100, L/I=350/200, M27*2, with transmission, 0~300℃/4~20mA, 1 branch  
twenty four Economizer outlet water temperature Electrical contact thermometer 1 Only Boiler matching
25 steam pressure Pressure transmitter, 0~1.6Mpa, M20*1.5, with process connector and bracket 1 tower rosemount


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