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What’s industrial autoclave ?


What’s industrial autoclave ?

Industrial autoclave  definition:

Industrial autoclaves are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials which require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature. The manufacture of high-performance components from advanced composites often requires autoclave processing.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

industrial autoclave3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

industrail autoclave3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

Industrial autoclave structure:

The main part of the autoclave is mainly composed of a kettle body device, a kettle cover device, a swing device, a hand crank reducer, a safety device, a support, an insulation layer, a sealing device, a pipeline valve instrument and the like.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

Autoclaves application filed:

1. Building materials industry: autoclave for aerated concrete block (aac plant), concrete pipe pile, lime sand brick, coal ash brick, microporous calcium silicate board, new lightweight wall material, heat preservation asbestos board, high strength gypsum, etc.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

industrial autoclave for AAC block production plant3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

industrial autoclave for AAC block production plant3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

2. Rubber industry: Autoclave can be widely used in steaming of rubber products, cable vulcanization and fishing net shaping.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

3. Wood industry: Autoclaves can be used for drying and preserving wood.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

4. Metallurgical industry: Autoclave can also be used for heavy metal smelting.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

5, glass industry: autoclave is also in line with glass steaming.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

6, food industry: autoclave can be used for high temperature and high pressure processing of food cans.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

7. Paper industry: The autoclave can also be used for pulp cooking in the paper industry.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler

8. Chemical industry,pharmaceutical industry,aerospace industry.3oQIndustrial Steam Boiler


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