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Application of steam boilers in the food industry


   There are many types of companies in the food industry, such as meat processing plants, milk factories, beverage factories, brewing companies, agricultural products processing enterprises, biscuit bread factories, and frozen food enterprises. Among these enterprises, steam boilers are not known to the public, but their position in the enterprise is not small. The food factory boilers produced by ZBG has many types of boilers, which are used in different countries, such as Indonesia gas fired boiler case.LyJIndustrial Steam Boiler

Application of steam boilers in the food industryLyJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  1. Food processing

  In the food industry, raw materials are sterilized, distilled, extracted, food cooked, dried, aged, pasteurized, etc., using steam with a certain temperature and pressure. In the traditional processing of mustard, radish, gherkin and other foods, the process of high temperature sterilization after packaging is often used.LyJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  2. Food packaging

  Steam boiler for can processing, high temperature sterilization of canned food, etc.LyJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  3. Food Machinery

  The steam produced by steam boilers is generally transported from the boiler room to various workshops for use in different mechanical equipment. machine, steam cooker, sterilization tank, packaging machine, paint equipment, sealer and other support equipment.LyJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  A food company mainly produces rice cake products such as snow cake, scallop and rice cake. Steam is one of the main energy sources of the plant due to the needs of the production process. The steam production, forming, primary drying, secondary drying and other production processes and heat exchangers of a project and the second project must use steam, which is transported from the boiler room to different production equipment.LyJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The food factory chooses the boiler according to the boiler fuel, heat production, output power, fuel consumption, boiler pressure, control mode, inlet/outlet temperature, boiler efficiency, boiler volume, etc. These are all required for the food plant when selecting the steam boilerLyJIndustrial Steam Boiler


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