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Autoclave for brick production line in Korea


 Industrial autoclave is a widely used pressure vessel, which is mainly used in aerated concrete blocks, concrete pipe piles, and rubber products, wood dry preservation.The autoclave purchased by Korean customers is also used in brick production lines.xvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

Autoclave for brick production linexvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

industrial autoclavexvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

Composition of autoclave

Industrial autoclave is a large, heavy-duty pressure vessel. And the main part of the autoclave mainly consists of a kettle body device, a kettle cover device, a swing device, a hand crank reducer, a safety device, a support, an insulation layer, a sealing device, a pipeline valve instrument.xvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

Autoclave types for brick production line

There are four main types of autoclaves, which are AAC autoclave,concrete pipe pile autoclave,LNG storage tank,wood anti-corrosion autoclave,gypsum board autoclave.xvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

Autoclave for brick production linexvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

autoclave for brick production linexvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

Other autoclave application project

Autoclave for rubber vulcanizationxvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

Autoclave for laminated glassxvLIndustrial Steam Boiler

autoclave in fly ASH brick plantxvLIndustrial Steam Boiler


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