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Autoclave for wood preservation


In a closed environment, corrosion-resistant, after the process of vacuum and high pressure, inflame-retarding and dyeing liquid in a certain density is injected into the timber cell. Such technology makes the wood corrosion-resistant, mold-proof, and against termites, and get the inflame-retarding and dyeing result.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Wood preservation autoclavePXlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Wood preservation autoclavePXlIndustrial Steam Boiler

PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
Application:PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
This series of equipment can be used in outdoor garden, landscape, villas and interior decoration of bamboo products. Our company’s wood preservation autoclave (antiseptic tank) equipment can meet almost all technological requirements including Scots pine, Canadian hemlock, Southern Pine, all bamboo, and wood materials.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Structure:PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
Wood preservation autoclave (antiseptic tank) main part are composed by the kettle, kettle lid device ,swing device, safety interlocks, bearing, insulation, sealing devices, plumbing valves and meters, etc., appendage comprises drainage and electronic control devices. Various structural design, manufacturing safe, reliable, reasonable structure, to ensure the performance of product more stable .PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Advantages:PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
1,Compact and reasonable structure design makes it easy in operation and almost fit for all kinds of wood materials. Besides, with advanced functions, its capacity in processing timber is big. Other advantages are like high efficiency, the recycling use of medical liquid , low production cost and no pollution.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
2, We procure raw materials from large and professional manufacturers. This guarantees the quality of autoclave in the very beginning.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
3, The main compression device undergoes electrochemical analysis and calculation, hardening process. Kettle cover dome has a big diameter with arc transition and double-sided butt jointing to make autoclave have a high strength in compressive and tensile aspects.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
4, The reactor vessel flange and cover adopt the annealing treatment. And during the assembly process, pre-stress is made. All these technologies ensure the autoclave door convenient to open and close and have a longer serving life without deformation.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
5, Kettle body flange sealed groove’s design is reasonable and has a good sealing performance. Tank cover flange has the air leakage groove to discharge the left steam fast and timely when the door is opened.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler

6, Thorough product support services: ① Pre-sale services: Provide sterilization pot / retort equipment selection, preparation planning, providing a venue layout, equipment selection. ② On-purchase services: equipment installation, commissioning, operator training, production technology guidance. ③ After-sales service: free of charge within one year product warranty services and providing technical support when various problems arise.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
Technical parameters:PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
This device is a non-standard pressure vessel, equipment inner diameter, heating mode, the working medium, operating pressure, operating temperature, shape ruler, and many other parameters can be customized to customer demand for design and manufacturing.PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Product patent:PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Quick opening closure Patent No.: ZL201120180249.7PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
Self-locking clamp interlock device Patent No.: ZL201120181144.3PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
Hoop positioning adjustment device Patent No.: ZL201120179418.5PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler
Automatic operation and control devices Patent No.: ZL201120181326.0PXlIndustrial Steam Boiler


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