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biomass cfb boiler for 10 mw power plant


   These days, customers have consulted us about biomass boilers for 10mw power plants. In general, a steam boiler with a capacity of about 60 ton/hr is sufficient for a 10 mw power plant. The ZBG 60 ton biomass circulating fluidized bed(cfb) boiler is suitable for 10mw power plants. However, the specific choice of boiler type for customers requires a comprehensive consideration of many aspects, such as biomass fuel characteristics, power plant planning, and customer expected investment.9ZsIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Biomass boilers are boilers that use biomass energy as fuel. Boilers used in biomass power plants are biomass steam boilers. The boilers produced by ZBG for biomass direct-fired fuels are mainly in the following forms: circulating fluidized bed furnaces, chain grate boilers, and corner tube boilers. A circulating fluidized bed form can be selected if the fuel is more particulate and hard. Biomass is a low-carbon fuel, which is a clean energy source with a sulfur content of only about 0.1%, a small chlorine content, a low ash content, and a harmful substance in biomass, sulfur and ash. The use of biomass renewable resources is of great significance for optimizing energy structure, establishing a circular economy, and achieving sustainable development. Rational layout and establishment of biomass power plants are effective ways to achieve biomass energy utilization.9ZsIndustrial Steam Boiler

biomass cfb boiler for 10 mw power plant9ZsIndustrial Steam Boiler

  ZBG biomass cfb boiler for 10 mw power plant

  After learning more about the 10mw power plant, we recommended our bio-fluidized bed boiler for our customers. The circulating fluidized bed combustion system enables the fuel particles to be fluidized the combustion air. This combustion system is characterized by quick fluidization and installation of the duct at the outlet of the flue gas to collect particles. Our biomass cfb boiler is applicable to a wide range of fuels as well as mixture combustion. ZBG CFB power plant boiler boilers have many advantages including wide adaptability of fuels, low environmental impact, and ideal methods for direct combustion of biomass. CFB biomass boiler is an effective measure for the dissemination of utilization of biomass energy.9ZsIndustrial Steam Boiler


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