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Blast Furnace Gas  Fired  Boiler

Blast Furnace Gas Fired Boiler

  • Type:Power Plant Boiler
  • Capacity:1 - 130t/h
  • Pressure:≤4.2MPa (42bar)
  • Fuel:Blast furnace gas
  • Application:Steel & Iron Industry


Brief Introduction:peuIndustrial Steam Boiler
peuIndustrial Steam Boiler

Against the background of stricter emission requirements and operating cost saving programs, the steel industry requires intelligent and reliable solutions for the energy-efficient use and environmentally friendly disposal of process gases. The blast furnace gas fired boilers are used for the combustion of process gases produced in steel industry.peuIndustrial Steam Boiler


1. High security:

The pressure of the medium circulation system is lower than the atmospheric pressure and the inner absolute pressure of the machines operation is 0.02 to 0.08MPa to keep the boiler running safely without explosion.


2. Long service life:

There is no boiler scale inside the boiler to increase boiler’s service life which is 1.5 to 2 times than ordinary boilers. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel tube which is corrosion resistant and has a service life more than 20 years.


3. High efficiency:

The boiler adopts three pass structure and wet back reversal chamber which abandons the traditional fire-resistant insulation materials to dramatically reduce the temperature of front smoke chamber. Besides, it uses high-quality aluminium silicate to complete heat preservation to make the heat loss of the machine fall down to limit value and the overall thermal efficiency reach more up to 92%. In this way, there is no boiler scale forever and the boiler runs with high efficiency all the year round.


4. Wide application:

A boiler can be equipped with several heat exchangers so as to supply hot water with different temperatures and different uses. For example, the water for central air conditioning, sanitary hot water, process hot water.


Blast Furnace Gas Fired Boiler

Model Rated Evaporation

Rated Steam


Rated Steam




Fuel Factory Mode
t/h BHP
SZS10-0.7-Q 10 776 7 170 20 Coke Oven Gas
Blast Furnace Gas
SZS15-1.25/250-Q 15 1149 12.5 250 105 Packaged
SHS20-2.5/400-Q 20 1532 25 400 105 Field Assembly
SZS20-1.25-Q 20 1532 12.5 194 20 Packaged
ZG-20/3.82-Q 20 1532 38.2 450 104 Packaged
ZG-20/4.2-Q 20 1532 42 450 104 Packaged
DHS25-2.5/400-Q 25 1915 25 400 104 Field Assembly
SHS30-3.82-Q 30 2298 38.2 249 104 Field Assembly
SHS35-3/400-Q 35 2681 30 400 105 Field Assembly
ZG-35/3.82-Q 35 2681 38.2 450 104 Field Assembly
ZG-45/3.82-Q 45 3447 38.2 450 104 Field Assembly
ZG-60/3.82-Q 60 4596 38.2 450 105 Field Assembly
ZG-75/3.82-Q 75 5745 38.2 450 104 Field Assembly



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