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SHX Series CFB Steam  Boiler

SHX Series CFB Steam Boiler

  • Type:steam boiler
  • Capacity:10 - 75t/h
  • Pressure:≤2.5Mpa (25bar)
  • Fuel:Anthracite,Brown Coal
  • Application:Iron & Steel Industry,Coal Industry,Non-Ferrous Metallurgy,Cement Plant


Introduction:NK0Industrial Steam Boiler

SHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler is the fourth generation CFB boiler developed by ZBG Boiler. The CFB hot water boiler’s combustion chamber and spiral separator are composed of membrane water wall, spiral separator sets on the upside of combustion chamber, and the furnace left is the revertive device. Fuels such as bituminous, coke coal, anthracite, lignite coal, biomass can be fully cycled burned.NK0Industrial Steam Boiler

 NK0Industrial Steam Boiler

Application:NK0Industrial Steam Boiler

Widely applied in large-scale central heating, gas production engineering, cities, and enterprises heating system.NK0Industrial Steam Boiler


1.Membrane water wall can make the boiler furnace, separator, and return feeding system as a whole, the overall boiler structure is compact.

2.The return feeding system adopts membrane water wall patent, the porous semi-artesian loopback device. Feed back is even and smooth.

3.The wear design adopts multiple measures, such as energy saving low speed design, multi-level high temperature separation, secondary purification separation inside furnace, new type wear-resistant materials and immersed tube to resist wear.

4.The combustion device uses hood clouds, porous form, so that the air distribution is uniform and the flow quality is steady.

5.Wide coal fuel flexibility. It can burn anthracite, lean coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, chain slag, and other low-grade fuel.

6.High sulfur fuel is also available. Adding lime stone can largely reduce its corrosion to the equipment.

7.Long time continuous operation but less failure. The boiler can operate for 350 days every year.


SHX series CFB steam boiler

Model Rated Steam Capacity Rated Steam 
Rated Steam 
Feed Water 
Fuel Type
t/h BHP
SHX4-1.25-A 4 306 12.5 194 105 Bituminous coal
SHX6-1.6-P 6 460 16 204 105 Lean coal
SHX8-1.25-T 8 613 12.5 194 105 Shaped biomass pellet
SHX8-2.5-H 8 613 25 226 105 Brown coal
SHX10-2.5/450-AII 10 766 25 450 105 Bituminous coal
SHX12-2.5-W 12 919 25 226 105 Anthracite coal
SHX15-2.5-A 15 1149 25 226 105 Bituminous coal
SHX20-2.5-W 20 1532 25 226 105 Anthracite coal
SHX25-2.5-AII 25 1915 25 226 105 Bituminous coal
SHX30-2.5/400-W 30 2298 25 400 105 Anthracite coal
SHX35-2.78/400-AII 35 2681 27.8 400 105 Bituminous coal
SHX45-1.25/300-AII 40 3064 12.5 300 105 Bituminous coal
SHX45-1.25/300-AII 45 3447 12.5 300 105 Bituminous coal
SHX50-2.5/400-H 50 3830 25 400 105 Brown coal
SHX65-1.25-A 65 4979 12.5 194 105 Bituminous coal
SHX75-1.6/250-AII 75 5745 16 250 105 Bituminous coal


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