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DHX Series CFB Steam  Boiler

DHX Series CFB Steam Boiler

  • Type:Steam Boiler
  • Capacity:20 - 400t/h
  • Pressure:≤9.81MPa (98.1bar)
  • Fuel: Coal, Biomass, Co-firing
  • Application:Chemical Industry, Textile Plant


Brief Introduction: t1PIndustrial Steam Boiler

Drawing upon its extensive technical expertise and operating experience, ZBG developed the DHX series Circulating Fluidized Bed Steam Boiler, which is the good choice for power plant, heating company, and other industries seeking economy, reliability and flexibility.t1PIndustrial Steam Boiler

 t1PIndustrial Steam Boiler

Application:t1PIndustrial Steam Boiler

Thermal power plant, heating company, food & beverage, cement plant, paper mill, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals industry, textile industry, coal industry, steel & iron industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, mining industry.t1PIndustrial Steam Boiler


1.High combustion efficiency: CFBC technology clean combustion and high efficiency.

2.Higher reliability and availability: decades of experience, professional technicians and staffs, strict manufacturing process offer clients reliable products.

3.Wide fuel flexibility: low grade coal fuel(coal gangue, chain grate slag) and biomass fuel(wood pellet, rice husk, straws).

4.Lower maintenance costs: quality guaranteed with less failure, save money on maintenance cost.

5.Low emission: desulfurization rate up to 80%--90%, lower NOx emission than pulverized coal boiler.

6.Reduced erosion: Abrasion-proof device is equipped in the both of water-cooling wall tube and smokestack tube to guarantee the working life of the heating surface.


DHX series CFB steam boiler

Model Rated Steam Capacity Rated Steam 
Pressure (bar)
Rated Steam 
Temperature (℃)
Rated Water 
Temperature (℃)
Fuel Type
t/h BHP
DHX15-1.25-T 15 1149 12.5 194 105 Coal, Tobacco stem
DHX20-1.25-AⅡ 20 1532 12.5 194 105 bituminous coal, 
Leather waste liquid
DHX35-1.25/230-T 35 2681 12.5 230 105 Brown coal, 
Distiller's grains
DHX35-1.25-W 35 2681 12.5 194 105 Anthracite coal
DHX35-1.25/300-P 35 2681 12.5 300 105 Lean coal
DHX35-1.6-AII 35 2681 16 204 105 Bituminous coal
DHX35-2.5/400-AII 35 2681 25 400 105 Bituminous coal
DHX35-3.82-A 35 2681 38.2 450 105 Bituminous coal
DHX40-4.2-W 40 3064 42 254 105 Anthracite coal
DHX45-1.6-H 45 3447 16 204 105 Brown coal
DHX50-2.5-W 50 3830 25 226 105 Anthracite coal
DHX65-2.5/250-H 65 4979 25 250 105 Brown coal
DHX75-1.6-P 75 5745 16 204 105 Lean coal
DHX75-2.5/350-P 75 5745 25 350 105 Lean coal


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