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Float Glass Kiln Waste Heat  Boiler

Float Glass Kiln Waste Heat Boiler

  • Type:Waste Heat Boiler
  • Capacity:2 - 35 ton/hr
  • Pressure:≤2.5MPa
  • Fuel:glass furnace flue gas
  • Application:Provide power generation and heating supply in glass industry


Brief Introduction:OCgIndustrial Steam Boiler

Our company is committed to developing and designing waste heat boilers in the late 1980s. Based on the actual operating characteristics of different industries waste heat boilers, combined with advanced technology and experience of major research institutions, we developed the waste heat boiler for chemical industry.OCgIndustrial Steam Boiler

OCgIndustrial Steam Boiler
Applications:OCgIndustrial Steam Boiler

Effective utilization of waste heat in glass production to reduce the comprehensive energy consumption of glass production,improve waste heat boiler energy efficiency, reduce power cost and lower pollutant emissions in glass industry.OCgIndustrial Steam Boiler


1.Low resistance: the boiler body adopts equal velocity and low velocity design, the body resistance at design time is less than 900Pa, which is in favor of reducing system power consumption.

2.Long operation time: The furnace with an inverted U shaped layout overcomes the traditional waste heat boilers’ shortcomings in structure and operation. Long service life, easy maintenance, low cost, can be adapt to float glass production line which using heavy oil or natural gas as fuel.

3.Good sealing: Gas tight side wall of water wall construction to reduce boiler air leakage.


Float glass kiln waste heat boiler

Model Capacity


Steam Temperature(℃)

Feed water


Fuel Factory mode
t/h BHP
Q10/450-1.3-1.25 1.3 100 12.5 194 20 float glass
Furnace flue
waste heat
QC10/412-1.3-1.45/320 1.3 100 14.5 320 104 field assembly
QC45/372-4.7-1.35/310 4.7 360 13.5 310 104 field assembly
Q120/530-8.6-0.8 8.6 660 8 175 104 field assembly
Q88.5/440-10.3-2.3/410 10.3 789 23 410 133 field assembly
Q96/480-13.2-2.3/430 13.2 1011 23 430 150 field assembly
Q100/510-14-2.6/420 14 1072 26 420 104 field assembly
Q90/500-14-0.7 14 1072 7 170 20 field assembly
Q108/500-15-0.7 15 1149 7 170.4 20 field assembly
Q110/510-16.4-2.4/430 16.4 1256 24 430 138.7 field assembly
Q135/510-19.8-2.4/430 19.8 1517 24 430 138.7 field assembly
Q145/510-21.2-2.6/430 21.2 1624 26 430 138.7 field assembly
Q170/500-24.7-2.7/430 24.7 1892 27 430 138.7 field assembly
Q200/510-29.5-2.7/430 29.5 2260 27 430 138.7 field assembly


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