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how do fossil fuel power plants boiler work


   Fossil fuelled power plant (FFPP) refers to a group of power generation devices that convert the chemical energy stored in the fossil fuel such as coal, gas, oil into thermal energy, mechanical energy and finally electrical energy. Its basic production process is: fuel in the boiler burns heated water to make steam, converts the chemical energy of the fuel into heat energy, the steam pressure pushes the steam turbine to rotate, the heat energy is converted into mechanical energy, and then the steam turbine drives the generator to rotate, transforming the mechanical energy into electrical energy. ZBG has oil and gas power plant boiler, coal power plant boiler.X4VIndustrial Steam Boiler

how do fossil fuel power plants boiler workX4VIndustrial Steam Boiler

  In the fossil fuel power plant boiler, coal, gas, or a petroleum fraction is mixed with air and injected into a boiler where combustion takes place. Heat from combustion is used to convert water to steam. In the coal cfb power plant boiler, the coal is fed to the furnace, where it is burned. In the flame region, much of the heat generated is transferred to boiler tubes which line the walls. The steam water mixture formed in the boiler tubes proceeds to a steam drum, where the vapor and liquid are separated. The liquid is returned to the boiler tubes and the vapor proceeds to a superheater. There the hot gases leaving the flame region superheat the saturated steam produced in the boiler section. Power plant boilers are mostly water tube boilers. In the design, the water flows through the inside of the tubes and the combustion gases flow on the outside. Heat is again transferred from the hot gas through the tube wall to the water which is now on the inside of the tube.X4VIndustrial Steam Boiler


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