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How to calculate the required boiler capacity?


Whether your boiler is used in the winery industry, the food industry, the chemical industry, the power generation,or the boiler use for center heating. nobody wants to buy a big boiler. Buying a large capacity boiler is a waste of resources and a capital loss. How to accurately estimate the capacity of the boiler to be purchased? As with other sustainable development and green energy measures, accurately estimating the capacity needed to purchase the boiler will help you use energy more efficiently.R9VIndustrial Steam Boiler

How to calculate the required boiler capacityR9VIndustrial Steam Boiler

5 ton boielr for center heatingR9VIndustrial Steam Boiler

First you need to understand the unit of boiler capacity:boiler tonnage and boiler power.The capacity of general hot water boilers and steam boilers is expressed in different units.The power of the boiler refers to the heat generated by the boiler per hour,of course,In practice, depending on the thermal efficiency of the boiler, there will be a difference, and you can also calculate the boiler efficiency further to accurately calculate the capacity.Hot water boiler power is expressed in terms of MW (1MW=1000kW) or kcal/h (10,000kcal/h).The power of a steam boiler, also known as evaporation, is the amount of water that is converted into steam per hour: capacity is T/h or kg/h.,Of course, it can also be expressed in MW or kW.such as the capacity is 5t/h means 5 tons of steam per hour.R9VIndustrial Steam Boiler

How to calculate boiler capacity R9VIndustrial Steam Boiler

2 set of hot water boiler for heatingR9VIndustrial Steam Boiler

When you understand the meaning represented by the boiler capacity, you can calculate the required amount of steam or heating (heat) area according to your own factory, so that you can choose the boiler capacity of a suitable size, for example when you know that the factory heating area is 50,000 square meters. then, you can choose a 5-ton center heating boiler.R9VIndustrial Steam Boiler


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