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Oil and gas hot water boiler for hotels


   At present, most of the large hotels use oil/gas boiler system to make bath water for customers checked in. In the process of hot water supply system design, the demand of hotel bathing hot water should be fully considered.XpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Key factors to consider:XpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Quantity (storage and flow) of hot water requiredXpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Temperature of hot water in the system (55-65 ºC)XpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Cost of installation & maintenanceXpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Fuel energy requirements & running costsXpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Conservation of water & energyXpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Safety of the userXpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Hot water supply may be combined with central heating systems (space heating) or even with the airconditioning system!XpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The advantages of oil and gas hot water boiler for hotel

Oil and gas hot water boiler for hotelsXpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The WNS series oil and gas boiler adopts a wet-back fire tube structure. The boiler has a compact structure and a small footprint. Increase the furnace area, provide conditions for the full combustion of fuel, so the boiler has strong adaptability to different fuels that can burn heavy oil, light oil, natural gas, and city gas. The boiler adopts a threaded pipe in the design, and under the guarantee of sufficient heat transfer quantity, it can control the lower smoke resistance, the power consumption is low, and the load adjustment ratio is large. The boiler is fully automatic and has good adaptability to the burner. The original imported burner has reliable performance and high degree of automation.XpoIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The SZS series boiler is a longitudinally arranged water tube assembled boiler with a double drum, and the boiler burner uses an imported burner. The fuel can be light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, city gas and various other flammable gases, equipped with economizers, induced draft fans, electric control equipment, etc., to achieve operational mechanization and control automation.XpoIndustrial Steam Boiler


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