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steam boiler capacity calculation


 Which method can accurately calculation the steam boiler capacity? Hourly steam delivery method ,boiler power method,boiler thermal efficiency method, these three methods are usually used to estimate the steam boiler capacity.yArIndustrial Steam Boiler

Hourly steam delivery method

The hourly steam delivery method refers to calculate the capacity of the purchased steam boiler based on the amount of steam generated per hour of the boiler combined with the demand for steam at the time of production.Such as,a textile mill needs 20 tons of steam per hour, and the boiler delivery efficiency is 95%. Then the factory needs to buy a steam boiler which capacity is 21 tons.yArIndustrial Steam Boiler

Boiler power calculate capacity

The power of a steam boiler, also known as the amount of evaporation, is the amount of water that is converted into steam per hour: t/h (T/h) or kg/h (kg/h). Of course, it can also be expressed in MW or kW.yArIndustrial Steam Boiler

The relationship between evaporation and power is:1T/h=1000kg/h=0.7MW=720kW=600,000 kcal/h=600Mcal/h.yArIndustrial Steam Boiler

Like, 35 ton CFB steam boiler means the boiler rated steam capacity is 35 ton per houryArIndustrial Steam Boiler

=24.5MV means boiler power is 24.5yArIndustrial Steam Boiler

Boiler power calculate steam boiler capacityyArIndustrial Steam Boiler

35 tons CFB steam boileryArIndustrial Steam Boiler

Capacity calculate by boiler thermal efficiency

The combustion of fuel generates heat and passes it to the water in the boiler. The effect of heat transfer is called thermal efficiency.yArIndustrial Steam Boiler

Boiler capacity = Burner capacity * efficiencyyArIndustrial Steam Boiler

Example: efficiency = 92% & Burner capacity=11,000 KWyArIndustrial Steam Boiler

boiler capacity =11,000 kW * 0.92 ~=10,120 kW ~=14.5t/hyArIndustrial Steam Boiler


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