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Steam boiler for bridge maintenance


   The steam boiler can heat the bridge prefabrication, mainly for winter, to prevent the concrete from cracking. The maintenance of concrete members with steam allows the bridge to be stronger, maintaining the strength and durability of the concrete. The steam boiler can heat the prefabricated bridges, T-beams and concrete members to ensure by steam that the newly poured concrete is hardened at a suitable temperature for a certain period of time, effectively preventing the early cracking of the concrete and ensuring the strength and durability of the concrete later.Ux9Industrial Steam Boiler

  Types of Steam boiler for bridge maintenance

  ZBG produces high-quality oil and gas steam boilers, coal-fired boilers and biomass boilers to provide low-cost, high-quality steam for bridge maintenance. Our dzl series and szl series biomass/coal fired steam boiler adopts arched tube plate and spirally corrugated tube. All welding parts use large processing machinery and special treatment of high pressure tube bundle, to ensure the welding quality and service life. The fuel can be coal, biomass pellets, bagasse, rice husk, palm shell, wood, industrial waste, etc. Our oil and gas boilers are mainly package type boiler that adopts fire tube or water tube structure. The oil and gas steam boilers firing oil or gas with heat input of more than 90 ton/hr are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications. Heat transfer areas for all boiler components including furnace, superheater, boiler bank tubes, and economizer.Ux9Industrial Steam Boiler

Steam boiler for bridge maintenanceUx9Industrial Steam Boiler

  Generally speaking, most of the bridge maintenance boiler is small-scale industrial steam boilers. In the field of concrete maintenance and bridge maintenance, steam boilers larger than 40 tons are used less. If you need a steam boiler for bridge maintenance, or if you want to know more about steam boilers, you can contact our customer service staff in a variety of ways.Ux9Industrial Steam Boiler


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