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Industrial steam boiler for textile industry


  From the clothes on our backs to the curtains in our homes, thousands of everyday items we rely on are produced by the world’s textile industry. With the industry now centered in countries such as China, Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam. Different boilers produced by ZBG have also been sold to these countries for textile industry.HxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

Industrial steam boiler for textile industryHxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Steam boilers is the main heat source of the textile industry and fuel cost represents about 50 to 60% of the total utility bill. Steam is used in almost all dyeing and washing processes, such as scouring and bleaching machine, zero machine, stenters, jiggers, jet dyeing machine, loop cooker and horizontal drying range, etc. . Dyeing and finishing one ton of fabric can consume tremendous amounts of fuel for steam and hot water. It is expected that steam, electricity, a common source of energy for machinery, cooling and temperature control systems, is also important energy. A larger industrial or utility boiler can be used in a captive power plant of a textile factory. Steam boilers produce high-temperature and high-pressure superheated steam for power generation.HxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

Textile industry production processHxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Fuel selection for textile factories steam boilersHxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Coal, lignite, biomass, natural gas town gas, coke oven gas, light oil, heavy oil, waste heat are used as fuel for boilers. Reports have indicated that fuels used in the textile industry have already shifted from coal to oil. More recently, efficient use of energy is under consideration, including the revival of coal, which is expected to move from oil to liquefied and urban gas, while reflecting the different fuel prices. When selecting fuels, those with good flue gas characteristics, in addition to a high calorific value and an ease of combustion are desired, so as to avoid as much pollution as possible.HxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  ZBG steam boiler types for textile industry

  wns series oil gas fire tube boilerHxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  szs series oil/gas water tube boilerHxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  dzl series biomass/coal chain grate boilerHxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  szl biomass/coal water tube boilerHxJIndustrial Steam Boiler

  cfb boilersHxJIndustrial Steam Boiler


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