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steam boiler for the dairy industry


   With the improvement of modern living standards, people are increasingly demanding the quality of fresh milk and dairy products, and the demand is increasing. It can be said that fresh milk and dairy products have become one of the indispensable foods for people. The boiler is an indispensable energy equipment in the production process of the dairy industry. The steam generated by the boiler is widely used in the processes of distillation, disinfection, drying and shaping in the processing of dairy products. To produce high grade dairy products whilst maintaining low production costs, it is essential that dairy processes are operated as efficiently as possible, making effective use of the heat available in the steam.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

steam boiler for the dairy industryL3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The function of steam boiler for the dairy industry

  From the boiler house the steam is carried to processes within the dairy by the distribution system, where it should be available at the correct pressure, in sufficient quantity and in the best possible condition. Steam is used in the dairy for indirect heating, direct heating and sterilization processes. These applications will include:L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Hot water heaters.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Indirect plate heat exchangers.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Clean in place (CIP) units.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Sterilize in place (SIP) systems.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Steam jacketed vessels for processing butter oil.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Multi-effect evaporators used to produce condensed milk.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Aseptic storage to provide a sterile barrier on product change over in pipework and tanks.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Dairy effluent holding tanks (waste fat) are kept warm to prevent solidification prior to disposal.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Direct UHT sterilizers used to pasteurize milk at higher temperatures.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Air heater batteries which provide hot air for spray drying and can drying.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Two main types of steam boilers are used for dairy industry: the fire tube boiler (which is the most common type in dairies) and the water tube boiler. Expect the dairy processing, ZBG provide various types of steam boilers to some other applications like food industry, rubber industries, paper industry, plywood industries, textiles, pharmaceutical industries etc.L3TIndustrial Steam Boiler


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