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Sugar mill bagasse boiler in Uganda


Bagasse boiler for suagar mill is widely using in Uganda industrial. Sugar mill bagasse boiler is one type of chain grate boiler. It also can be heating by straw, rice husk, wood, coal and so on.EP2Industrial Steam Boiler

sugar mill bagasse boiler in ugandaEP2Industrial Steam Boiler

New type of bagasse boiler for sugar millEP2Industrial Steam Boiler

Sugar mill bagasse boiler in Uganda:

Sugar Mill Bagasse Boilers Uganda, Commercial Crop Sugarcane Residue Bagasse Process Combustion Equipment Bagasse Boiler Main Product Heat for sugar mill boilers.EP2Industrial Steam Boiler

Technical Component: Cogeneration has the advantage or reducing the primary energy use, while providing a given quantity of two different forms of energy, heat and power. Conventional energy supply systems require about 40% more primary energy than a cogeneration system to meet the same energy needs. Therefore, cogeneration can both be energy efficient and environmentally beneficial. Cogeneration with sugar mill bagasse boilers has become increasingly important in the sugar industry in Uganda.EP2Industrial Steam Boiler

In Kakira Sugar factory, the steam from the boilers ranges from 1.35 to 2.35 tons steam per hour, at 350 degrees Celsius. This has not only led to increased steam temperatures and pressures but also to more reliable and efficient coal firing systems. Raw materials such as bagasse and cane have 50%-55% water content, and the boilers operate without requiring raw materials to be pre-dried before feeding them in the machines. The flue gas from the boilers is vented to the outdoors via three tall stacks. The boilers are not equipped with any pollution control equipment. Fumace ash is manually removed from the boilers and trucked to a disposal area or used in the field as a soil amendment.EP2Industrial Steam Boiler

single drum bagasse fired boiler.jpgEP2Industrial Steam Boiler

Single drum sugar mill bagasse fired boilerEP2Industrial Steam Boiler

Sugar mill bagasse boiler manufacturer

Sugar mill bagasse boiler manufacturer ZBG provide a whole machine to match bagasse fired boilers. Welcome your inquiry and visit us.EP2Industrial Steam Boiler


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