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Use of a steam boilers in the paper industry


Boilers in the paper industry are used to generate steam for power and process systems. High pressure steam is generated for steam turbine generator sets to produce electric power. Medium and low pressure steam is used for various process heating applications such as heating and softening pulp wood chips for further reduction by chemicals to make wood pulp.E0RIndustrial Steam Boiler

Use of a steam boilers in the paper industryE0RIndustrial Steam Boiler

steam boiler in paper industryE0RIndustrial Steam Boiler

Steam produce by boiler is also used to heat chemicals and other processes. In the paper making process, steam is used to evaporate moisture from pulp and to heat rotating dryer drums to dry the paper stock.E0RIndustrial Steam Boiler

The steam produced in the boilers is used to cook wood chips . Steam is sent to dryer cans or dryer to remove the water from the sheet that the drainage, vacuum, and mechanical pressing sections of the paper machine can't accomplish. The steam from the boilers is also used throughout the mill in heat exchangers, steam-traced piping, stock chests, etc.E0RIndustrial Steam Boiler

steam boilers in the paper industryE0RIndustrial Steam Boiler

boiler in paper millE0RIndustrial Steam Boiler

The most obvious use of the boiler is to produce power. Power can be produced by combustion of bark, kraft, and fuel oil, among others. The electricity produced within the mill reduces costs associated with the large electrical demand of a paper mill and potentially increases reliability vs using outside power.E0RIndustrial Steam Boiler


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