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Vertical small gas hot water household central heating boilers


 Today, for many families, purchasing a small hot water heating boiler is a necessary choice. Small household heating boilers can not only meet the needs of domestic hot water and can heat homes.eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

small gas hot water heating boilereVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

small gas central heting boilereVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

A vertical gas central boiler connected with underground thermoinsulated pipes(to fer hot water). The pipes r connected with a small heat changer to fer heat to domestic hot water. This hot water can b used for showers, convective heating, house radiators or underfloor heating.eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

This boiler generally uses natural gas ,oil or fossil fuel and can also b used to provide hot water to 1–3 small homes or small commercial building, depending upon requirement, water temperature supplied can b controlled by varying flow using valves or by adding more heat by small electric heaters.eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

Advantage of vertical small gas hot water household central heating boilers

▷Automatic burning. Adjusted thermal power,semi-gasification burning, avoids the disadvantage of no complete combustion.eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

▷Automatically feeding and firing. As long as feed enough fuel, the boiler can feed itself: 10 kg/time which can meet the heating requirement in a long time.eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

▷Small room occupation. Can be installed in buildings, villa and civil house.eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

▷Energy saving and zero pollution: 0.8-1.5kg/h for 100m2 .eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

▷Easy operation and installation, safe to use.eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

gas hot water household central heating boilerseVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

gas hot water household central heating boilers with pipeseVJIndustrial Steam Boiler

Vertical gas hot water heating boilers. The vertical gas steam boiler is a compact, vertical boiler offering high efficiency and low-NOx technology. The gas hot water central heating boiler is carbon steel, vertical, gas-fired, steam boiler designed for the requirements of house use or the commercial market, available in eight sizes.eVJIndustrial Steam Boiler


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