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What is the model and gas consumption of the biogas boiler?


Biogas fired boilers are a type of natural gas boilers, which can be used for boiler heating, or hot water, or for production and processing. The main component of biogas is methane. The biogas is from 50% to 80% methane (CH4), 20% to 40% carbon dioxide (CO2), 0% to 5% nitrogen (N2), less than 1% hydrogen (H2), less than 0.4. % oxygen (O2) is composed of a gas such as 0.1% to 3% hydrogen sulfide (H2S).cdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

gas consumption of the biogas boilercdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

biogas fired boilercdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

Biogas boiler types

The calorific value per cubic meter of biogas is between 20800-23600 kJ (4968-5637 kcal/Nm3), and the natural gas calorific value is 39775 kJ/Nm3 (9500 kcal/Nm3). Generally, the gas consumption of a natural gas boiler of 1 ton is about 80 Nm 3 /h. Therefore, the biogas consumption per ton of biogas boiler is about 140 Nm 3 /h (calculated by calorific value). In actual use, the biogas produced by the industrial biogas generating device, About 140-150 Nm3/h, the biogas produced by the simple biogas generating device will be around 160-180 Nm3/h, and the biogas produced by the self-made biogas generating device will be around 200 Nm3/h.cdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

Reasons for choosing a biogas boiler in Zhengzhou Boiler company:

1. It is equipped with international advanced biogas combustion main engine, which is fully burned, smokeless dust pollution, harmful components in flue gas are lower than national standards, and it is a green environmental protection product.cdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

2, the combustion system uses imported burners, with flameout protection, water shortage protection, ultra-high temperature protection, providing comprehensive safety protection.cdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

3. The boiler has a large heating area, more complete heat absorption and high complete combustion efficiency. The thermal efficiency is over 90%.cdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

 biogas boiler consumption gas with impoter burnercdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

biogas boiler combustion system uses imported burnerscdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

4, the entire combustion process is fully automatic control, high temperature, low-temperature automatic interlock protection, safe and reliable operation.cdwIndustrial Steam Boiler

5. The whole machine is factory-extended, compact in structure, convenient to install, and small in floor space.cdwIndustrial Steam Boiler


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