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Wood fuel steam boiler for wood processing


   The wood processing process includes material-selection-drying-intake-pressing-preservation treatment-cooling-processing and production-outbound-finished product installation-acceptance and other processes. In these processes, steam is essential. In the wood processing industry, steam boilers produce steam for wood drying, anti-corrosion treatment, etc. In these industries, a large amount of wood chips, waste wood, wood scraps, etc., can be used as fuel for steam boilers. Biomass steam boilers can burn wood to produce steam for wood processing.TENIndustrial Steam Boiler

Wood fuel steam boiler for wood processingTENIndustrial Steam Boiler

  The wood fuel biomass steam boiler is mainly used for burning waste wood fuel. The waste wood generally has high moisture and high volatile matter, and a large amount of volatiles are precipitated at the beginning of combustion. At this point, a large amount of air is required to participate in the combustion. If the air involved in combustion is insufficient, the fuel and air are not well mixed, and the loss of incomplete combustion of the gas will increase dramatically.TENIndustrial Steam Boiler

  Our biomass steam boiler can be used as many kinds of biomass fuel such as wood pellet, wood fuel, waste wood, PKS (Palm Kernel shell), rice husk and etc. The fuel feeding system is mechanical stokers which have a hopper for batch loading. The fuel input is controlled by the steam pressure at around 12 bar, 180 °C that send to autoclave heating factory. The furnace has a travelling grate which transport the fuel longitudinally to remove ash through ash pit. Air distribution, primary and secondary air, is applied in this furnace. The primary air is injected from bottom to the grate in upward through spaces between the grate bars. The primary and secondary air flow rate can adjust. Air cooling is used to cool the grate.TENIndustrial Steam Boiler


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