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Working principle of industrial autoclave


What is autoclave?GDlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Autoclave is a large pressure vessel with large volume and heavy weight. It uses saturated steam or compressed air as its medium and belongs to Class I and Class II pressure vessels.The autoclave is used for steam curing of aerated concrete, lime sand brick and coal ash brick, and the hydrothermal reaction of CaO-SiO2-H2O is completed in the kettle. At the same time, it is also widely used in other production projects that require pressure steaming and production processes, such as high-strength gypsum, insulation materials, rubber products, high-strength glass, cement pipe piles, and wood preservation, medicine, and chemical industries.GDlIndustrial Steam Boiler

how does a industry autoclave work,autoclave structureGDlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Autoclave structureGDlIndustrial Steam Boiler

The main part of the autoclave is mainly composed of the kettle body device, the kettle cover device, the door opening mechanism, the manual reducer, the safety interlock device, the bearing, the insulation layer, the sealing device, the pipeline valve instrument and so on. Subsidiaries include drainage and electric control boxes.GDlIndustrial Steam Boiler

How does an autoclave work?GDlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Through the above introduction we learned about the main structure of autoclave and what is autoclave ,however ,What is the working principle of the autoclave? And how does an autoclave work?GDlIndustrial Steam Boiler

Popular understanding of autoclave is a large pressure cooker.so its working principle is very simple.The working process of autoclave is according to the following process.First,feeding, closing and safety interlock put into operation, then vacuum,steam boost pressure and pressure steam curing,finally Guided steam, pressure relief, door opening, and discharge. GDlIndustrial Steam Boiler


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